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Three CSUSB faculty attend seminar in Ghana

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Cal State San Bernardino professors Vipin Gupta (business), Tiffany Jones (history) and Arianna Huhn (anthropology) were among 21 California State University faculty members selected to attend the “Ghana Calls” faculty seminar in Accra, Ghana, recently.
For one week, faculty representatives, along with members of the CSU administration and the CSU International Programs Ghana office, gathered together to discuss the scope of African Studies and best practices in supporting students’ international programs and study abroad experiences, and to explore opportunities for collegial collaborations.

“It was really refreshing to spend so much quality time with a group of individuals affiliated with the CSU, who could speak to the same challenges and opportunities in promoting African Studies and study abroad,” said Huhn.
Jones concurred, stating that “it was wonderful to visit sites about which I teach and liaison with scholars who are as interested in Ghana as I am. It was inspiring.”

Vipin Gupta

"Meeting colleagues from across the CSU campuses and across the disciplines created an extraordinary opportunity for mutual scholarly exchange about one of the world's fastest growing regions," Gupta added.

CSUSB had more representation at the seminar than any other CSU campus, with both Gupta and Jones presenting papers on their own work.
 Gupta’s paper considered the societal grand challenge of how organizations in Africa could successfully propel themselves into leadership positions, starting from a point of limited or virtually zero endowments within their networks.
Jones’ paper, co-written with Kelly Campbell (psychology), discussed the impacts of including student research in their faculty-led study abroad program to South Africa.
“Promoting guided ethical research practices and careful planning before leaving for study abroad is vital for a study abroad program to be effective,” Jones said. “Dr. Campbell and I work hard to ensure that students are not simply cultural tourists in our program, but become globally reflective citizens or selves.”
Arianna Huhn (left) and Tiffany Jones

The “Ghana Calls” seminar was the first of its kind to bring together faculty members from across the CSU system to discuss study abroad and area studies. The program received more than 60 applicants. “Ghana Calls” was an overwhelming success, with faculty from both the CSU and the University of Ghana forming important connections at a personal and institutional level. A second seminar of the same nature is to be held in Paris, France, next year.

The CSU has offered students the opportunity to study abroad at host institutions since 1962. Today, yearlong overseas study options are available in 18 countries. Through pre-negotiated memorandums of understanding, students are able to pay tuition at their home campus to attend an overseas university. Student earn CSU credits that count toward graduation.

International experience is often cited as offering important opportunities for personal growth, understanding global processes, and improving cross-cultural communication skills. CSUSB is committed to supporting study abroad for undergraduate students. In an effort to lower program fees, President Tomás D. Morales has offered a $500 scholarship to all students who study abroad for the past three years.

Many study abroad locations, including Ghana, cost students less for the year than pursuing their degree at home. Financial aid awards can be used for study abroad, and additional external and internal scholarships are available. Additional information on programs and financing is available on the CSU International Programs website.

Gupta, Jones and Huhn all participate in offering CSU students additional study abroad opportunities through faculty-led, short-term programs to India (Gupta), South Africa (Jones) and Jamaica (Huhn). These and other opportunities are organized by the Center for Global Management and the campus International Programs (CSUIP) office.
For more information on these and other CSUSB faculty-led programs, visit the online program listing.

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