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Faculty in the News, Oct. 23

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CSUSB professor discusses vital tech and dating rules, including how to get someone to stop texting you
Oct. 22, 2018
Kelly Campbell, professor of psychology at California State University, San Bernardino and a nationally known relationship expert, discussed the role text messaging plays in relationships.
"Texting in romantic relationships has its pros and cons," says Campbell. "It is a very convenient way to communicate and may provide a way for partners to stay in touch when other means of communicating are not possible. However, it is important that when misunderstandings occur that partners seek clarification in person."
Campbell helped the lifestyle website “decode the strengths and weaknesses associated with dating and texting, especially if you're considering using this form of communication to end a relationship.”

CSUSB psychology professor co-authors paper on a brain wave device that enhances memory function
Science Daily
Oct. 22, 2018
Richard Addante, CSUSB assistant professor of psychology and graduate of UC Davis, was one of the authors of a research paper published by his alma mater that focused on a brain wave device that boosts memory function. The paper, “Entrainment enhances theta oscillations and improves episodic memory,” was recently published in the journal Cognitive Neuroscience.

Read a summary of the research paper at “Brain wave device enhances memory function.”

Cal State San Bernardino gets science foundation funds
The Press-Enterprise
Oct. 21, 2018
In a regional college news roundup, the newspaper reported, “The National Science Foundation has awarded Cal State San Bernardino $749,869 as part of a $4.3 million grant to recruit and mentor 30 students from five community colleges to work in cybersecurity for federal agencies and departments.
The CSUSB Cybersecurity Center will partner with Whatcom Community College in Bellingham, Wash., in the Community College Cyber Pilot Program that’s designed to increase diversity among cybersecurity students and help members of underrepresented communities. The community colleges will be selected from around the country.
The CSUSB center will mentor veterans and adult students who need “retooling” to meet the needs of cybersecurity and government service, Tony Coulson, director of the university’s Cybersecurity Center, said.
Read the complete article, which is the third item in the college news roundup, at “Study clears eggs, links eating meat to type 2 diabetes.”

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