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Faculty in the News, April 23

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CSUSB professor writes about increase in press freedom in Ethiopia
April 21, 2019
Alemayehu G. Mariam, CSUSB professor of political science, wrote in his weekly column: “In the Washington Post-Reporters Without Borders open forum, Ethiopia was described as the ‘brightest light in the world for press freedom after Tunisia.’
Reporters Without Borders is one of the foremost organizations defending press freedom globally.
“The Washington Post tweeted, ‘Ethiopia jumped 40 spots on this year’s Index, an accomplishment that is credited to the work of the newly elected prime minister…’
“The icing on the cake: The main celebration of the prestigious UNESCO World Press Freedom Day 2019 will be held in Ethiopia on May 1-3. “One hundred smaller events will be held throughout the world.”
Read the complete article at “Washington Post: ‘Ethiopia Brightest Light in the World.’

CSUSB professor comments on Google shutting down Iranian-government funded Press TV YouTube channel
Press TV
April 23, 2019
David Yaghoubian, a CSUSB professor of history and a regular commentator on Press TV — the Iranian government-funded TV news outlet — discussed the shutdown of Press TV on Google’s platforms, including YouTube and Gmail. The move on April 22 coincides with similar action taken against HispanTV, an Iranian Spanish-language channel.
In response to a question from a Press TV news anchor as to why the news outlet may have been blocked, Yaghoubian replied, “The way I see it, already the tech companies and those that provide social media services are deeply intertwined with the American surveillance state. And so, in terms of both domestic and international surveillance as well, as the maintenance of a certain narrative in terms of the United States position globally in terms of its foreign policy, these companies work hand-in-hand generally with the American government. … So, whereas they are also for-profit entities … to the extent they are making money while pursuing these other, at times, very nefarious goals … I believe that finally enough pressure has been put on them by the Trump administration, and specifically by the well-known hawks of the administration.” 
The video interview can be seen online at “Google denying Press TV access to all its video streaming services, Youtube, Gmail.”
Note: The link may be taken down at some point.

Consumer awareness key in purchasing items that may be toxic, CSUSB professor says
ABC 7 (Los Angeles)
Haakon Brown, associate professor of marketing at CSUSB, was interviewed for a segment that about environmental activists calling on the 99 Cent Only store chain to clear their shelves of products with toxic chemicals.
Brown said that consumers should be aware of that they are buying. “You want to do things like look where the product is manufactured. A lot of times you can look at the ingredients, etc. Be especially aware of product that you might be consuming.”
Read the complete article, and watch the online video segment, at “99 Cents Only stores carry products with toxic chemicals, protesters say.”

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