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CSUSB featured in report on education’s role as automation spreads through U.S. economy

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Enrique Murillo Jr., Cal State San Bernardino professor of education, Aldo Galindo, a CSUSB student, and Paul Granillo, president and CEO of the Inland Empire Economic Partnership and a CSUSB alumnus, were interviewed for a PBS NewsHour segment on the role education plays in preparing the future workforce as automation spreads in the U.S. economy.
Experts say automation’s impacts will be uneven. Some key factors include geography and race, but perhaps the most determinant factor: education.
John Yang reports for the segment, part of the newscast’s #futureofwork series.
The segment opens with Galindo, a junior studying computer systems, and how his father encouraged him and his siblings to go to college with the hope of a better future for themselves.
Yang reported on how the Inland Empire’s economy, with the numerous automated distribution centers being major employers in the region, and discussed with area experts, including Granillo and Murillo, director of Latino Education and Advocacy Days at CSUSB, on the benefits and challenges of having such an economy, and how education will play a role.
“The competitive nature of the economy in the United States is going to depend heavily, as it is here in the Inland Empire, on the educational outcomes of Latinos,” Murillo said.
View the complete segment online at “Automation threatens jobs. Can education create new ones?

Enrique Murillo Jr. (l) CSUSB professor of education, and student Aldo Galindo, in a PBS NewsHour segment on America’s automated economy and the role education plays adapting to the changes it brings and training its workforce.

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