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NOTE: Faculty, if you are interviewed and quoted by news media, or if your work has been cited, and you have an online link to the article or video, please let us know. Contact us at news@csusb.edu.  

CSUSB professor quoted in article about law enforcement officers and their response to hate crimes
The Center for Public Integrity
Sept. 5, 2018

Brian Levin, a former New York Police Department officer who directs the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino, discusses the role of law enforcement officers who respond to hate crimes.

“The patrol officer is the most important official with regard to assessing hate crime because if done incorrectly at the entry level, it almost always doesn't get responded to in the appropriate manner,” Levin said. “Police officers, for most crimes, are not rigorously trained to look at motive. They apprehend; they take reports; they do some investigation, but not like a detective, for instance. And they don't specialize in these things.”

Read the complete article at "Police are key to successful hate crimes convictions."

CSUSB director of the Institute of Applied Research & Policy Analysis writes article about long commutes in San Bernardino County
Fontana Herald News
Sept. 6, 2018

Barbara Sirotnik, professor of information and decision studies, and director of the Institute of Applied Research & Policy Analysis, penned an article about the common long commutes in San Bernardino County.

Sirotnik, who is also coordinator of the 2018 Inland Empire Annual Survey, wrote that “long commutes are a way of life for many Southern California residents. Over time, working adults have had to spend more and more of their day sitting in traffic (even if commute distance has not changed). That means that there is less time each day to spend with family and friends, less opportunity to exercise, and increased levels of depression, stress, obesity and other health issues.”

Read the complete article at "Long commutes are a way of life in San Bernardino County, survey says."

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